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Patterns of fading Source: wikipedia.org

Patterns of fading in jeans, caused by prolonged periods of wearing them without washing, have become the main allure of dry denim. Such patterns are a way of "personalizing" the garment.

These patterns have specific names:

♦ Combs or honeycombs These are faded lines that are found behind the knees.

♦ Whiskers Faded streaks that surround the crotch area of the jeans.

♦ Stacks These are created by having the inseam of the jeans hemmed a few inches longer than the actual leg length. The extra fabric then stacks on top of the shoe, causing a faded area to form around the ankle, extending up to the calf area.

♦ Train tracks These appear on the outseams of the denim. This pattern showcases the selvage by forming two sets of fades which resemble train tracks.



Natural "honeycomb" fades.

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